Argumentative Essay On The 2nd Amendment

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There is no doubt that the 2nd Amendment has managed to be a popular topic for decades in the United States. Average citizens debate over it. The news talks about it. Scholars research every aspect of it. Such a prevalent topic has created a spectrum of opinions and due to the nature of opinions, there has been plenty of disagreement and the resulting various degrees of support and opposition.
In light of recent mass shootings, aside from other categories of gun violence, it is hard to pass your way through any form of media without noticing some sort of stance on The Right to Bear Arms. Gun violence in the United States contributes to over 30,000 deaths on a yearly basis in recent times (Fleegler et al. 2013). A statistic like that is hard to ignore, especially in a country that is amongst the developed world, and that is why I wish to address the 2nd Amendment with some general questions. What exactly was the intention of the 2nd Amendment? What did our founders mean by a “regulated militia”? What were their concerns? What influenced the addition of the Amendments? These are all questions that stir debate to this very day and I will be keeping them in mind.
The goal for this thesis is to take a look at the language of the United States Constitution (specifically the 2nd Amendment within the Bill of Rights) and the Federalist Papers (specifically Federalist #29 written by Alexander Hamilton) in order to offer an interpretation as to what the original intention
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