Argumentative Essay On The American Dream

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Two words that inspire much conversation, thought, and even tension are the words American Dream. What is it? How do we achieve it? Is it even possible? Back when our country was first founded, the idea of the American Dream was people looking for a “new life” would come America to gain more opportunity. A very important document to our nation is the Declaration of Independence. This document highlights the concept of the American Dream when it declares, “All men are created equal” and also when it states the inalienable rights of each man are, “ life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” Equality, life liberty and happiness are significant points in the dream every American seeks to achieve.
Early in our history immigrants could move from a hard lifestyle, such as government corruption or famine to America . Where life was perceived to be perfect and had so much more opportunity. However, as the people changed in positive and negative ways the American Dream was altered as well. The overall idea of the American Dream has changed from ideas and freedoms to more tangible things. For example people used to move to America to have rights and to have a voice. Now some believe that if you wear expensive shoes and spend more money on your car than your house you have fulfilled the dream.
Since this topic is very popular and talked about in abundance, there are many different opinions of what the American Dream entails.Based on a recent survey conducted by our class older
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