Argumentative Essay On The Cold War

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The Cold War
World War II was a giant bloodbath for the many parts of the globe. From the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii which involved the Japanese Navy, Air service to strike a surprise attack on the United States Naval Base, to the Holocaust, which was a mass genocide, involving Nazi Germany to kill anyone who was not like them, targeting Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, and many others who were not of the same race, ideals, or looks that the Nazis had. The Big Four Allied powers of World War II were Great Britain, The United States of America, The USSR, and France. Now you’re probably wondering how does this have anything to do with the Cold War? As World War II ended instead of bringing peace it brought tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union. Technically the US and the Soviet Union were allies during World War II, but their differing views in economic values and government led them to not trust one another which is what led to The Cold War. Eventually the allied powers triumphed and defeated Nazi Germany and Japan dividing up Europe between the communist influence of Joseph Stalin's government and the democratic principles of the United States. The arms race originated at the end of World War II between Russia and the United States. Atomic weapons and nuclear warfare instilled fear in people, and greatly affected cold war tensions. When World War II ended it kicked off an arms race between Russia and the United States for world dominance. “The United

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