Argumentative Essay On The Dropout Age

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Do you know someone that is struggling financially or constantly in pursuit of a job all because they dropped out of school at 16 not really realizing the mistake they were making? On account of the low achievements of scores in schools that have caused worry some now say there should be a stipulation established for the dropout age to be diminished down to 14 from 16. The real question now is should the regulations be changed? No, it should not be moved from 16 to 14 it should stay the same or increase.
Now as I take this stand I realize that there is an opposing side to this argument. Some may tend to say, if they were able to drop out young a better learning aura could be acquired for those who really care about their education. The aura would definitely be more learning based for those who are attending school at this time. They also say that this would be from a younger age so the kids can learn more because there are not as many people to take care of. It also would create a better learning experience overall for those who do care and it would allow the kids to learn quicker and more. Some may also say there have been so many people that dropped out of school and have been very prosperous in their careers, but the problem is not everyone ends up this way in fact most don't.
My first reason for believing that they should at least be 16 or 18 is the fact that today education is almost essential for your welfare and well-being. To get a semi decent paying job that will
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