Argumentative Essay On The Electoral College

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People in the American society have different opinions on the Electoral College in America. In my opinion I believe the Electoral college is “an embarrassment to America’s democracy” as it is said in the argumentative statement. The Americans voting system for presidency doesn’t allow individuals in the society vote to count towards the presidential nomination. Furthermore, individuals in the American society can even say that our vote is pointless because of the Electoral College, which is a group of people that can vote however they want even if most of the people in the American society voted for that specific president.
In addition, another reason why the Electoral college should be abolished is because if you consider the fact that each state picks its own governor quite directly. All votes are counted equally and fairly and in cases that there are close races they are recounted carefully. Electoral colleges are not involved in any state elections. The fact that no state uses an Electoral College for its governor suggests that Americas national voting system is corrupt and messed up.
Furthermore, with the next election happening in 2020, if the two presidential candidates agree to abide by the popular vote voter turnout and voter registration will increase greatly. Presidential election going by the popular vote would bind state creativity in exciting ways. Currently, states have no initiatives put in place to encourage voting. A state gets a certain number of

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