Argumentative Essay On The Emoji Movie

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Introduction: In the past few weeks there has been great backlash on a movie that had been released called ‘ The Emoji Movie’. Megan Garber, a staff writer at ‘ The Atlantic ‘ situated in Washington releases an article on why ‘The Emoji movie ‘ fails. The goal I want to achieve by writing this essay is to identify how the author builds the argument of the topic using different rhetorical strategies and check if the author established solid credible evidence to validate the arguments she made. Summary and Description of Rhetorical Situation: The article being discussed was released on August 4,2017 shortly after the release of the movie on July 28, 2017. Megan writes this text to explain the problems with the movie and later on supporting her arguments by using related examples and statistics that line up with the points she mentions in her article. The reason she uses the Internet as her platform is to attract young readers who are users of emojis and technology and may have watched ‘ The Emoji Movie’. Firstly, she begins by explaining how the producers of movies such as Toy Story and The Lego Movie take inanimate objects and discovers a parallel world to ours and injects a story into them. On the other hand, The Emoji Movie attempts to create a story line; however, it ends up becoming a platform for promoting applications used by the majority of people in this generation. This dissatisfaction is shown statistically by the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, which are currently at a 0% approval rate and an overall low score of 7%. Furthermore, Megan shows how emojis are not just doodles rather tools that are used for means of communication, as it is a universal way for people to interact with each other. Emojis are said to affect the way people interact in day-to-day communication and how effective people connect. The text mentions that some people believed that the reason for The Emoji Movies failure was due to its conflict with the book “The Emoji Code” written by Vyvyan Evans. The Emoji Code talks about the reasons that emojis have become so famous by analyzing certain aspects such as the study of language, the study of mind and behavior and the study of learning and thought. It is stated that The Emoji Code

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