Argumentative Essay On The Glass Castle

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In 2005, Jeannette Walls wrote The Glass Castle, a memoir of her family’s life in poverty and a quest to outrun a dysfunctional childhood and create something better for herself along with her siblings. While the children are trying to create successful adult lives for themselves they face the challenge of trying to keep their parents from being homeless in New York City. In an interview with Mondloch, Walls mentions that her childhood was “… both a blessing and a curse.” Their unusual, chaotic and an isolated upbringing, originated successful, educated and fearless children.
At the age of three Walls was cooking her own meals. Her mother Rose Mary Walls thought that in order to survive in the world you have to experience it yourself. She said “Suffering when you’re young is good for you” (28). Rose Mary didn’t raise her children like any other parent did. She didn’t set a curfew for them or discipline them. She was more focused on her artwork, reading, and writing. She thought setting rules for children held them back from freedom. She said, “Rule and discipline held people back and felt that the best way to let children fulfill their potential was by providing freedom” (73). The children didn’t have regular classroom teaching like other children did. They had hands-on experience. For example, while her family traveled to their new homes, they drove through the desert and with that she learned about the stars, the different plants that grew in the desert. She also learned about the different types of rocks and minerals there are in the desert. She conducted experiments children her age wouldn’t do without the permission of their parents and the assistance of an adult. At an early age, she learned about the trading system.
Growing up the way Walls grew up had its advantages. It helped shape the person she has become. Her mom being occupied with her art and keeping up with an alcoholic husband, Jeannette was forced to raise herself and her siblings. Walls said “…I cooked myself some hot dogs. I was hungry, mom was at work on a painting and no one else was there to fix them for me” (15). This incident happened right after her father, Rex Walls took her out of the hospital after being admitted for six weeks for
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