Argumentative Essay On The Grapes Of Wrath

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The States of Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma was hit by a terrible drought that was known as Dust Bowl in 1930s to 1940s. The Dust Bowl made the farmer families in this affected States not able to pay their debts and so the government and bank closed the family farm. The movie “The Grape of Wrath” directed by John Ford depicts the life of a family from Oklahoma that was affected by the Dust Bowl in 1930-1940. The family left Oklahoma and moved to California which they call the promise land but when they got to California starvation, poverty, and injustice welcomed them. The Dust Bowl in 1930s and 1940s made the people’s lives miserable and made the whole country suffer. The movie started when Tom Joad returned to his home in Oklahoma after being in jail for homicide. On his way to see his family, he saw a former preacher named Casey. The former preacher told and warned Tom Joad that the Dust Bowl came year after year that blown the farmer’s land, blown the crops away, and even blown the farmers. When Tom got to his family’s home, his family was not there but there was a farmer who was staying and hiding at their old house. The farmer told Tom the story on how the Dust Bowl destroyed every farmer’s land, house, and life in Oklahoma. According to the farmer, a man came one day and told the farmers to get off their house and land because a company based in Tulsa already owns their lands. However, the farmers fought back and they stayed in their home and land because it was hard for them to leave. Unfortunately, caterpillar tractors went to their land that is now owned by a company to tore down the farmers’ houses. There were 10 to 15 families who watched their houses being dismantled by a tractor. Every farmers’ family that had their home demolished had no place to live so they were forced to stay on the road. The farmer who was staying at Tom’s old house informed him that his family was staying with Tom’s Uncle John. After knowing that, Tom went to his Uncle John’s house right away to visit his family. The whole family was in shocked but very happy to see Tom. While having a meal, Uncle John read the hand bill to the family that says there are 800 workers

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