Argumentative Essay On The Heart Sutra

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The Heart Sutra is said to be the core of the much longer and larger canon of the Prajnaparamita Sutras expounded during the second turning of the dharma wheel. Historically, the Prajnaparamita or the perfection of wisdom is claimed to have been composed about 500 years after Buddha Shakyamuni had passed into parnirvana and the way in which these texts was retrieved is also linked to some rather mythological origins. So, before we even proceed with the detailed explanation of this sutra, the valid question that one should ask would be on its legitimacy: is the Prajnaparamita the speech of the Buddha or Buddhavaccana?
The answer is a definitive yes.
In the eight-thousand-verses Prajnaparamitra Sutra known as the Mother Sutra, it is clearly explained that the speech of the Buddha is anything spoken directly by the Buddha, anything inspired directly by the Buddha, anything spoken in the presence of the Buddha and approved of by the Buddha (this is highly relevant to the Heart Sutra) or anything that is fully consistent with the
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For those who are new or are utterly puzzled by the refutations found in the Heart Sutra such as no eye, no ear, no nose, no tongue, no body and no mind and this complex non-conceptual insight known as emptiness or sunyata in Sanskirt; may this teaching confirm the fact that the role of Buddhism is not to make you feel good but to break the false assumptions that have brought you and the world much suffering. As such the perfection of wisdom has no direct relation with worldly success and knowledge, political power, career advancement and the seeking of fulfilling relationships. However, when one truly understands and integrates emptiness or the perfection of wisdom into one’s worldview, then, liberation from pain and dissatisfaction is very
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