Argumentative Essay On The Holocaust

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Argumentative Essay 2 During the Holocaust Adolf Hitler used the SS and the non-party police to torture and arrest anyone that oppose or refuse to abide by the new Nazi system.Many people chose to go along with what they heard or read to avoid causing problems.Other simply believed anything a person said no matter where they got their information It is easy to get into the routine of ignoring problems that have been created, or even take on others bad habits that are expressed during the situation. All of these things are effects of following a leader blindly. Following the crowd can lead to incorrect beliefs, bad habits, and even danger. Germans believed the false information from the propaganda, which lead to many people being put into…show more content…
In Wiesel’s speech, he mentions the St. Louis ship which carried nearly 1,000 Jews to the United States, then was told to turn back to Nazi Germany. After the public pressured President Roosevelt into making a statement condemning the German government, the British Army and the Pope stepped in to help the Jews in the Holocaust. As a result, many people's lives were saved because of the other countries help, however many people were still in danger. Many Germans incorrect beliefs for other people's lives in great Danger. Some might say that not everyone that believed the false information during the holocaust were put into dangerous situations. While that may be the case, being in a dangerous situation was still more likely for anyone that believed false information. In Night by Elie Wiesel, a man called Moishe the Beadle tried to warn Jewish people about the Nazis, but everyone said it was not possible for anyone to annihilate an entire group of people. However, the Jewish people's belief about the Nazis power spread through towns, so many people believe they were safe. Hitler believed that he could improve the human gene pool so we convince the “superior race” that they needed to stay away from the “ inferior race”. As a result of Hitler's “Final

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