Argumentative Essay On The Iraq War

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The Iraq War started in 2003. The war was a protracted armed conflict that began with the invasion of Iraq by a coalition led by the United states. This ultimately led to overthrowing Saddam Hussein’s government.

The political, economic, and social reasons that led to the war.

Iraq has been the concentration of the universal group and has been included unmistakably in the media as of late, as the radical Islamist assemble known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has significantly expanded its energy and impact in the area in the last half of 2014. The political turmoil and definitely crumbled security condition, which describes present day Iraq, can be followed back to the United States intrusion of that nation and ISIS, which has as of late developed in Iraq and Syria, in the revolt against the resultant US occupation, in those days as al-Qaeda in Iraq. In any case, for what reason did the US attack and involve Iraq anyway? Today, there is a troublesome civil argument about what the Bush organization's intentions were, with the probably clarification being a blend of the majority of the reasons advertised. What should likewise be considered is that the occasions paving the way to the 2003 attack just go most of the way to clarify why the US propelled this crusade, and keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend the intricate and multidimensional components adding to the Bush organization's choice to attack Iraq, one must backpedal further and look at pre 9/11 US
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