Argumentative Essay On The Legal Drinking Age

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Is the Legal Drinking Age Good
Should we raise or lower the legal drinking age? The legal drinking age varies from place to place, in Canada the legal age goes from 18 to 19 years. But what are the effects different legal drinking ages have on long term alcohol addiction and alcohol related youth crimes. I’m interested because I am a quick to take part in skepticism, so when someone says drinking has a larger effect on youth I am quick to doubt unless objective evidence is given. Also one of my cousins (not named for privacy reasons) got what you would consider to be drunk before the age of 7 after he drank from half empty cans of beer left unattended, He turned out just fine and is living a happy life. The only negative effect was the headache the next morning.
In 1984 a bill known as the “National Minimum Drinking Age Act” commonly referred to as the MLDA21 Act was passed by congress. The National Minimum Drinking Age Act made the minimum legal age you could buy, possess, or drink alcohol for non-religious practices 21 years of age. According to a Harvard document the minimum drinking age and its effects, all 50 states of the USA reported “substantial heterogeneity in MLDA21’s effect”. Some states reported positive improvements in alcohol related crime rates, while other states reported little to no change. From table 5 of the Harvard study I have concluded that the MLDA21 had a level of effect that does not justify the implementation of the MLDA21 Act. Of the states that
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