Argumentative Essay On Ufos Real

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Have you ever seen a circle-shaped object flying in the sky above you? Well, you might have just seen a UFO filled with what we call, aliens. UFO stands for unidentified flying object. These objects circle around us in the sky for a reason, a reason that we do not comprehend yet. Some people believe that these objects have aliens in them studying our Earth and the way we live. I believe that UFOs are real and have visited the Earth before to study humans and understand how we live.

One reason why I think that UFOs are real is because many scientists have picked up strange signals from distant stars which could be aliens and these aliens travel in the UFOs. The article, " Searching for Life on Other Planets," states, "After years of looking,
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The article, " UFO Abductees and Contactees: Psychopathology or Fantasy Proneness?" explains," Biographical and analyses of 152 subjects who reported temporary abductions or persistent contacts with UFO occupants show that these subjects are remarkably devoid of a history of mental illness." This informs the reader that the people who have been abducted or have had interaction with UFO's never had a history of mental illness but now they are experiencing these things since their interaction with them. Imagine how scary it must have been to have been abducted by aliens and on top of that have to deal with brain effects.

Some may say that UFO's are not real because we have never have seen an UFO up close and personal before. Except they are real because we have had interaction with them many times through satellites and radio signals. There has also been a countless number of spotting form people all over the world. So there is enough evidence to back up the fact that UFOs are real.

In conclusion UFO's are real and they have visited the Earth before. The first reason why is because scientists have picked up strange signals from distant stars. Second, there has been physiological effects on UFO witnesses and abductees. There has also been countless numbers of citing's around the world. Just think, we may not only be the only other organism in the galaxy. We may have
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