Argumentative Essay On Utilitarianism

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I think that the topic of Utilitarianism is interesting to me since I find myself using the greatest happiness principle throughout an everyday basis.Utilitarianism is defined as the ethical doctrine that virtue is based on utility.Utilitarianism is essentially whichever action creates the most happiness for the greatest number of people is the right answer. People have considered utilitarianism controversial since not everyone agrees that the greatest happiness principle leads to the right choice,but rather to the wrong decision. The way that we approach this issue could potentially have severe consequences, on issues like immigration reform,campus carry,etc, if not agreed upon with the use of the greatest happiness principle. In this argumentative paper, I will argue that using utilitarianism and the greatest happiness principle would lead to the to the right decision.

I place confidence in my decision that the use of utilitarianism and the greatest happiness principle leads us to the right decision, because it is evident as an effective result for contemporary moral issues such as; immigration reform,campus carry,and capital punishment. Before I explain my reasoning into why my position in the argument is correct, I would like to explain the key words that I will be using throughout the argumentative paper. For one, utilitarianism states that “a positive value is happiness and negative value is suffering”. Another term that I will be mentioning often throughout the essay is the “Greatest Happiness Principle”. This greatest happiness principle states that “the morally right action maximizes happiness and minimizes suffering for everyone affected, considered equally”.The greatest happiness principle is impartial which means that “no one’s happiness or suffering is more important than anyone else’s”. Those who decide between which pleasures are higher and lower are those who have tried both ( also know as the competent judges).These competent judges will tend to prefer the higher pleasure.Their decisions are influence on which option creates the most amount of happiness and the least amount of suffering. I believe people should accept the use of the greatest happiness principle to find the

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