Argumentative Essay On Video Games

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The majority of all children, even adults, love to play video games. From a parent’s perspective, most of the time they are surprised to find out how violent their children's games can be. Though, not all games are violent. According to, most video games include sports, car racing, and even roleplaying (“Top 10 Greatest Video-Game Genres”). The general stereotype that parents identify video games are in the violent section where most of them assume that because they see their child playing something violent, they suspect that their child will also behave in a relaxed manner. Video games are the key to our future as they progress us further into more depth, a critical thinking way that allows us to become smarter. Without said, video games need to be embraced by everyone.

Like sleep, your brain is like a battery that needs to be recharged every once in awhile. You can either sleep without any food in your system or you can eat before going to sleep and be much more energetic and aware of your surroundings. Your brain works the same way. The human mind is a complex system that is hard for us to understand. When things become challenging, our brains allow us to understand how once we thought it was hard, now becomes clear, precise, and easy to learn. There are a few key components to the outcome of playing video games. First, your reaction timing is significantly improved my playing games that challenge your thinking process and allows you to make decisions on

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