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As previously mentioned, video gaming is a controversial topic in society. Even though video games had been around for a while, the controversy didn’t begin until the early 2000’s. The idea that video games only have a negative influence on behavior, causing increased violence, has been the focused conception in this controversy. On the contrary, it has been demonstrated that video games can be used positively in an educational environment, thus proving beneficial to our brain functions and abilities. Games are popular because of the enjoyment it brings to players. The enjoyment from playing video games is greatly determined by the games’ effectiveness in teaching players to succeed and sometimes fail difficult tasks. Morihei Ueshiba once…show more content…
One area is the medical profession, specifically focusing on surgeons. In another test done by Aaron Kandola, “Exquisite sensorimotor skills are a necessary component of successfully performing surgical procedures. Trainee surgeons who have experienced a greater exposure to video games tend to become more skillful at performing surgical procedures than those who have had limited exposure” (p.20). Hypothetically, if a patient came in for major heart surgery, they would have a higher survival rate if they were put in the hands of the surgeon who had a higher exposure to video games than that of a surgeon with limited exposure. This study shows that use of video games in education can be effectively applied into major influential professions such surgeons in the medical field.
Another profession that has benefitted from the use of video games in the educational process is Mechanical Engineering. Richard Joiner and associates did a study regarding video games and how it helps with the learning of engineering. Joiner said, “We found that there was significant improvement in students learning [about engineering] after playing with Racing Academy, a video game specifically designed towards mechanical engineering, There was some evidence that female undergraduate students found Racing Academy more motivating than male students” (p. 183). Video games have influenced so much of society that it’s

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