Argumentative Essay On Video Games

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Video games has been a very controversial topic for me in the past. I have always wandered are the children that play video games better than the children that do not? Are the children benefiting from them? They are using their hand-eye coordination while becoming part of a story. In the meantime, they could be missing out on other important things like create their own real games while socializing with others or spend more time with family and friends. How about all the violent themes I see when they play video games, and even the games that are rated for their age group are many times violent? How about addiction to video games and not getting enough physical activities and fresh air? If we do not let them play at home, they will be playing at their friends’ houses. These questions have been bothering me for a long time. Other times, I would find my teenage boys on the weekend safely being entertained with their virtual friends playing video games and even talking to them. I would feel thankful for the video games. I would not want them to be wandering out at night to meet friends or to be entertained. They are learning to read and follow stories. Then I would wonder what kind of life skills could videos give them in the real world? For one example, when I was their age, I was doing real gardening, and they are doing it on the computer. I even talked about it with other people that have children that play video games. From this lesson, I want to learn finally if video

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