Argumentative Essay On Video Games

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Have you ever wanted to stab someone after playing a video game? Many people believe that violent video games can take a toll on the person playing it. They say it can make the player violent or develop uncontrollable emotions. There are many facts that can prove that just simply isn't true. In fact, video games tend to do just the opposite, they have many beneficial properties. Some of these benefits include helping with dyslexia and improving decision making along with improving vision. Based on the evidence of collected research, I do believe that video game do not cause children to inherit negative behavior, but instead, do the exact opposite. While playing video games you are almost always required to be able to read, see, and hear. Dyslexia, a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, can be treated by video games. A study done by the British Dyslexia Association shows that after 12 hours of play time resulted in the 10 year olds having improved their reading speed without losing accuracy. This is only 12 hours. Imagine what the possibilities could be if kids played video for much longer sessions. The effects were equivalent to more than a year's worth of reading development after playing just 12 hours. While the studies did prove to be successful, more test need to be done if they wanted to actually consider it a treatment. “There are questions as to the extent that skills transfer from one

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