Argumentative Essay On Violent Video Games

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In today's advanced society where technology rules the world, video games are just another type that people use as a form of entertainment or hobby. Unfortunately, there are violent video games that actually affect people's behavior considerably without most of them realizing. With all the violent act people commit and all of the evidence people have been arguing in favor of video games. Deciding to regulate or change these games will affect the future generations and is a very important and controversial issue that connects with topics like violence, and prejudice, and sexism. Although there are many critics that argue that videogames are not the true cause of unhealthy demeanor in today's society, they are indeed the real cause. And there are people that recognize that Videogames are the reason. Even if I've played some video games, I stand against violent video games and will argue that they cause disorderly behavior such as violence.
Video games are extremely addictive and can a lot influence on players minds. According to scientists from Stanford University School of Medicine, video games are addictive because they cause the brain to make intense feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction that are associated with the same part of the brain that are stimulated by drugs like cocaine and the neuropsychological system makes it difficult to stop especially active male players (Lee, Finley). Video games are very hard to regulate because of how addictive and popular they are.

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