Argumentative Essay On War On Drugs

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“For the last four decades, the never-ending war on drugs has stemmed more than forty-five million drug related arrests, and one trillion dollars in the government spending and Americas occupation as the world’s most common and largest jailer. Yet for all that, drugs are cheaper, purer, and more available than ever.” ( That puts on average sixty-eight million, four hundred and ninety-three thousand dollars of government money spent per day, and three thousand eighty-two drug related arrests. Think about that, three thousand eighty-two individuals thrown into jail daily due to drug arrests, three thousand eighty-two hopeless, heartbroken families torn apart on a daily basis due to drug addiction and this sick war on drugs. Coupled with that, the availability of drugs has sky rocketed as drugs have become increasingly easier to get as well as more efficient than ever before. According to Richard Hofstadter, a teacher at Columbia University as well as public intellectual and one of the most revered, influential and widely read American historians of the twentieth century, “The distinction that we must recognize, then is one originally made my Max Weber between living for ideas and living off ideas. The intellectual lives for ideas, the journeyman lives off of ideas.” (258) An intellectual can be described as someone who lives for new ideas, lives for wanting to learn more about new things as well as forming their own ideas and perspectives, as the journey man would be
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