Argumentative Essay On War On Terror

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9/11 took the United States by surprise. Before 9/11 our relationship with the Middle East had been limited to trying to counter pro-Soviet governments and bolster our own pro American dictators in the Middle East and Islamic world. But the cold war was over, and the United States did not have to worry too much about “Arab affairs”, and as such we had an incredible misunderstanding of the region. When it was time to go to war we had almost no context for what we would be getting ourselves into. One of the biggest challenges that America has faced in its “War on Terror” has been a lack of understanding of our adversaries and how to deal with them appropriately. This has manifested itself in overestimating the power of some enemies and underestimating the powers of some, desperate clinging to false allies in the region, and a lack of understanding of the region in general all of which have had detrimental effects on the way we have chosen to carry out the war. One of our largest weak points when understanding the enemy is our ability to inflate the capabilities of our enemies to attack us domestically and our overconfidence in the fight abroad. When we entered the wars in the Middle East we were extremely confident in our technological supremacy and our ability to end the war quickly. However, while the first parts of the war may have seemed easy it was the insurgencies that followed that caused trouble. Insurgencies are a different type of war, and the insurgents are
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