Argumentative Essay On What Is Citizens United

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What is Citizens United? While it is also a type of political action committee, it became part of a Supreme Court case in 2010, Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. Citizens United is a political action committee, a type of organization that donates contributions to campaign for or against candidates in the United States. Citizens United is a problem in United States politics because it allows giant corporations and millionaires to donate large sums of money to get their candidate elected. The Supreme Court made a decision about political spending that has ever since affected the business of politics in the United States (Levy). According to Nick Bentley, who wrote “What is Citizens United?| An Introduction”, the Political Action Committee, Citizens United, was coined in 1988 by Floyd Brown, a political consultant from Washington. Floyd was funded by the Koch brothers who owned the second largest privately owned company. This group was formed to primarily promote corporate interests, socially conservative causes, and candidates who advance their goals. The group became more popular to the public when it sued the Federal Election Commission, which over saw campaign finances and created election rules,…show more content…
So we don’t always know how much money a candidate is really receiving. Gabrielle rejects Kupfer’s theory that democracy is still not corrupt and the proof shows in the 2016 election. Kupfer found that Hilary Clinton had spent more money than Trump in the election, but what about the dark money that wasn’t public? If the money doesn’t have to be reported than Americans don’t know exactly how much a candidate is receiving or what this money is being spent on. Therefore, we don’t really know how much money is really contributed to the

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