Argumentative Essay On Why Animals Are Better Than People

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Animals Are Better Than People 1 & 10 Who would not want to work with animals all day? Weirdos, that’s who. Lucky for you and me there is this wonderful career called Veterinarian. You get to work with animals and treat them with love and care throughout your lifetime, or just until you retire. The only downside is; not every animal lives, some can die right in your hands. Although this is probably one of the worst feelings in the world, by the time that one animals has died, you could have saved ten, maybe even twenty more. 4 To be a Veterinarian you must graduate with 4 years of undergraduate education, followed by a 4-year program at a Veterinary college, leaving with a Doctor Veterinary Medicine degree. You must also become licensed-to do this, you will need to pass the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam (Shmoop). At Durant High School there are hardly any classes you could take, other than the basic maths and sciences, to help get a better chance of getting into a great college. Although, at Kiamichi Tech they offer a class on Veterinary Assistant; which I plan to take my…show more content…
I have already started looking into veterinary schools in Oklahoma and have worked in a with a veterinarian. 14 The number of jobs for vets is expected to go as much as 12% in the United States between 2012 and 2022. The growing need for veterinarians will continue to increase as the demand of the growing pet population increases (Acient). The reason the Veterinarian career interests not only me, but tons of others, is for many reasons. There are a ton of benefits to being a vet and the main one would have to be saving animals lives. Although being a veterinarian is a bit of a demanding career to be in and has a couple of downsides, the rewards of helping animals and making people smiles is well worth the sacrifices it takes to be a
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