Argumentative Essay On Women And Social Media

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The most hypocritical belief in American society today is feminism. What was once a bold movement for social and political equality has turned into an arrogant beast that will neither heed nor listen to the opinions of dissenters. Modern day feminists have turned men into the enemy, and they look down upon women who do not share the same views. They have twisted their ideology into an aggressive campaign to gain greater liberties for women while ignoring men’s issues. Most men, along with those who disagree with contemporary feminists, are often attacked with harsh words, primarily through the use of social media and the Internet. Many blogs, Twitter accounts, and online newspapers that support feminism sometimes make men out to be the “enemy”…show more content…
Referred to as an “online revolution,” #Femfuture “called on funders to support the largely unpaid work that feminists do on the Internet” (Goldberg). Many people brought up a valid point: Shouldn’t an equality movement also support the work of every other feminist who isn’t online? Consequently, the women who started #Femfuture were taken aback at the “wave of coruscating anger and contempt that greeted their work” (Goldberg). Many protesters to the movement included veterans, feminist mothers, and people without Internet access. Even the former editor of Samhita Mukhopadhyay “continues to believe in the empowering potential of online feminism, [but] she sees that much of it is becoming dysfunctional, even unhealthy”…show more content…
This is defined as “A culture, environment or society where rape is common, and in which social attitudes or practices work to trivialize sexual violence, make rape seem normal, or shift responsibility from rapists to rape victims” (Rape-culture). While rape itself is a very real and horrible act, rape culture only increases contempt for men and the victimization of women. It focuses on a misogynistic society while completely ignoring the fact that many rape victims were either A) men, or B) not actually raped. The belief that men cannot be raped is an injust fallacy that has been proven wrong in multiple cases in the past decade. in 1994, a college student named Katie Roiphe wrote a paper on the “feminist crusade against campus rape culture,” saying that “‘these feminists are endorsing their own utopian vision of sexual relations’” (Durgin). Basically, Roiphe is calling out feminists who cry “rape” any time they have had a less-than-satisfactory sexual experience. By doing so, the voices of women who actually have been raped are given less
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