Argumentative Essay On Year Round School

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For decades, primary and secondary schools are stuck in tradition of having school for nine months and having several long breaks including a two-month summer break. Several states in the United States and in Canada have been throwing around the idea of year-round school. Some say that year-round schooling is a good thing for the children and others say that the children need a break from school, but also have a higher chance of forgetting the material before they return to school the following year. With year-round school, its focusing more on the students’ education and not the convivence for parents and school board. With having year-round schools, students will be able to obtain more information and perform better in the classroom. The children will learn more in the classroom along with learning outside on their own. In the article, Why does education stop in summer by editor Sylvia Stead, it states that “a lot can be forgotten in the space of eight or 10 weeks”. Given this information it causes schools to give a second thought to changing to year-round school. Year-round schools have been proven to help children learn better in the classroom and outside. It helps maintain the students learning process to be able to focus more on helping them retain the information and keep it throughout the school year. Stead has seen how the school year has been set up to only be nine months with a summer break and she is now seeing the school year as year-round. She grew up
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