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Across the nation and world assisted suicide is an issue that has been gaining attention for several years. With famous cases such as Jack Kevorkian it has become a household term and everyone has an opinion. There are strong cases on both sides, but the bottom line is while it may sound good for the present, it is not for the future. Assisted Suicide should not be legalized in Alabama as the negative outcomes far exceed the positive outcomes in the areas of impact on society, politics and medical education Assisted suicide is defined as the aiding and abetting in a person’s suicide to relieve them from suffering. It is also known as Euthanasia. Euthanasia or assisted suicide has been going on for probably as long as there has been…show more content…
Assisted suicide looks good and innocent on paper, but the legalization of mercy killing carries a dark side. Once that door is opened, it may not be easily closed. Regulations can be in place but fraud is rampant in insurance and in the medical field no matter how much it is regulated. In Taking Sides, Clashing Views in Lifespan Development, a statement is made that directly shows the slippery slope of legalized assisted suicide; “In the words of an Australian politician, when we are past our “best before” or “use by” date, we should be checked out quickly, cheaply and efficiently as possible.” This view sums up the argument of why not. The mystery of life and death are taken away and humans become industrialized as a piece of meat. Legalization would also affect medical education and training of physicians. The goal of doctors is to save lives, but if euthanasia is legalized that could all change. The research and moral standings of society and the frailty of human life support the fact that assisted suicide should not be legalized in Alabama. There are lines that we just cannot cross. Margaret A. Somerville says in Taking Sides, Clashing Views in Lifespan Development these impressive comments: “Medicine and the law are the principle institutions that maintain respect for human life in a secular, pluralistic society. Legalizing euthanasia would involve and harm both of them. Even in a secular society – indeed,
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