Argumentative Essay : ' Paralyzed '

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Paralyzed I sit there quietly, watching as every ball goes swiftly through the mesh. The sound of shoes squeaking against the newly polished floor and every bounce echoing throughout the gymnasium has now started to become a headache. The blow of a whistle brings everyone to a sudden halt, and each player turns towards the coach awaiting his next instruction. I was becoming quite uncomfortable now, as almost half an hour had gone by and sweat was beginning to form by my hairline. It was a daily routine for me; coming to these practices and watching the coach give his advice as if I would ever be able to play the sport I once loved again. It has been almost a year now since it happened. Being there at the wrong time and at the wrong place…show more content…
Loved. The word stung me like a thousand bees and had felt so foreign on my tongue. I knew I would never be able to see the pride in my father’s eyes, nor the tears of joy that would show how happy he would have been of me. But most of all, I knew I was no longer able to feel the hardwood floor when I would push off the ground and hear the swish of the ball going through the net. A sense of hopelessness had come over me and I knew I could no longer go back to the game, it was pointless to even try. *** I see my father in the bleachers cheering with pride as the crowd roars with excitement. Cold stone sweat rolls down my face from the scorching dry air. The intense pressure on both teams for the championship has forced the players to tighten their defense. The screeching sound of the whistle breaks the tension between the enemy team. The game commences. These last 24 seconds determines the fate of the final round – the championship is now at stake. I look at the score, and the odds are in no one’s favor, it read “101-99.” I stand facing my opponent waiting for my teammate to throw the ball in, and every player including the opposing team knows what the game plan is. The shot clock begins and the ball is immediately passed towards me as I drive to the net. With every bounce and step I take, the adrenaline surges through my veins, pushing me to my limit. I can hear my heartbeat pounding loudly with my uneven breathing as I dribble down the court crossing over my

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