Argumentative Essay : Pointless Argument

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Argumentative Essays: The Pointless Argument Her baggy eyes struggle to stay open as she types each dreaded letter. She has not slept and the sun comes out to tell her that she cannot anyways. Class starts in an hour and her morning routine takes half of that time that she should use to finish her work. It takes her ten minutes to walk to class but she is running on no sleep; she needs twenty minutes to make it there on time. That gives her ten minutes to complete her argumentative essay for College Writing, enough time to pull all of her ideas together. However, she slowly gives up, and while rubbing her eyes and closing her laptop, she thinks to herself, “What’s the point?” Teachers and professors who cannot find better things to assign have assigned argumentative essays for years. These essays are not only a nuisance, but also useless. The assigning of this essay is pointless and may actually harm the student more than help him. The increase in stress and the decrease in sleep hours and food consumed are greater than the increase in knowledge one can gain from writing an argumentative essay. Argumentative essays are paragraphs pulled together by students trying to pull themselves together. To write an argumentative essay, one must gather evidence and present an organized argument over a debatable topic, making sure to argue his side more. How can one do so when the point of doing the essay is debatable itself? Professors and teachers should not assign argumentative
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