Argumentative Essay : Pro-Choice Abortion

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Pro-choice Abortion Argumentative Paper When it comes to abortion, everyone has a slightly different view. Whether one believes that no one, or everyone, should be allowed to get an abortion, the same question comes into play: Is abortion ethical? In addition, when does a human life actually start? Without concrete facts, we can only do so much with those questions, which is why this is such a controversial topic. We need to consider all the facts and information available. For example, whether or not a fetus feels pain, how old the fetus is, and what condition the pregnant woman is in. The main argument comes down to pro-life versus pro-choice. After doing extensive research, I have come to agree with the side of pro-choice, meaning that…show more content…
Every individual defines pain differently, so “without interrogation, we cannot know for sure what the fetus feels” (British Medical Journal). As we know, asking a fetus if it feels pain is impossible, and assuming that they do could be wrong. Considering these statements, abortion cannot technically be called murder. Fetuses are not self-aware, rational, or attentive like humans. From a religious standpoint, I understand why people consider abortion murder. A fetus has the potential for life, and that they consider that potential life a real life. However, stretching this idea farther, sperm also have the potential for life, but many of these people are not against sex or masturbation. Fertilization has not yet occurred, but the potential is still there. According to scientific evidence, a fetus has a fifty to seventy percent chance of becoming a feasible human being. These chances are relatively high, but not a guarantee, and not yet a life. One cannot kill something that is not yet alive. Other topics in regards to abortion are health and rape. Rape is a very touchy subject and still very controversial when it comes to abortion. If a woman is raped and gets pregnant, she should be allowed to get an abortion. She did not get a choice in that matter, so she should have the choice on whether or not she want to have a baby. Rapes cause emotional trauma, and no one
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