Argumentative Essay: Record Store Day Hits Vegas

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Record Store Day Hits Vegas
This next Saturday April 22nd Las Vegas, and every major city in the US will be celebrating the 10th edition of Record Store Day, an initiative started on the U.S. and now turned into a worldwide event. As the means through which we consume our music have shifted over the past decade, record stores have slowly become victims of new media, like MP3 digital files and more recently, streaming services. Back in the year of 2007, independent record store owners and their employees met to discuss ways to save their industry, and they brainstormed this idea of Record Store Day, which was in part modeled after a similar event, which focused on celebrating and promoting comic book culture. This once a year event has proven to significantly increase the traffic and profits for independent record stores, an achievement made possible through the collaboration of artists and record labels, who prepare special limited releases, which often include vinyl reissues, live albums or box sets to be released on this …show more content…

Last year the legendary trash metal band Metallica, who have been supporters of the event since its beginning, were selected, and this year, the American singer-songwriter Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent will be 2017’s edition ambassador. The labels and artists taking part of the celebration tend to be off the mainstream market, but cover a wide array of musical genres. Among the highlighted releases for this year, these include: reissues for albums by popular artists like 80s goth kings The Cure, recently deceased legend Prince and oddities like a vinyl reissue of the soundtrack for 90s Michael Jordan meets Looney Tunes movie Space Jam; unpublished live albums by David Bowie and Dave Matthews Band; boxsets by Goo Goo Dolls and The Ramones, as well as singles with new music by indie darlings like Spoon and The War on

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