Argumentative Essay: Safe The Law

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Shiva Karki
Professor Ms. D
English 101
12th October 2016
Essay 2 BEFORE THE LAW New Yorker writer Jennifer Gonnerman explains , heartbreaking story about Kalief Browder, the guy who spent three years inside the Rikers Island of New York Island awaiting trial for stealing and assault to a Mexican guy .Later charges were ultimately dropped. Kalief Browder spent three years on Rikers Island without being convicted of a crime and was deprived of his Rights such as speedy trails.. He was arrested during spring 2010 , at the age of 18 for a robbery but he kept on stating he didn’t commit any crime. On May 15, 2015 , when he was returning home with his friends
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Later, his attorney brought a proposal in exchange for guilty plea to serve three and half years in jail ,he refused and he will go on trial no matter what might be the consequences . Throughout, he insisted on his innocence, refusing several offers from prosecutors to take a plea guilty even including one that would have allowed him to be released immediately. On May 29tth there was another development in his case that his case will be dismissed because DA was not really in position where he can proceed. Ultimately, prosecutors had to drop the charges. In the course of the three years Mr. Browder was being held, they lost contact with their only witness. He was sent to his home but he should come to court next date without any new case . Six months after he left Rikers in November , he attempted suicide again and it was quite terrifying this time . This time, he tried to hang himself at home and he was taken to hospital on time. He was mentally disturbed and scared because he was afraid of being attacked on the subway. And generally before going to sleep at night, he checked to make sure every window in the house was locked. He didn’t like the things going on with him. He was completely…show more content…
Browder I hope you get a chance to hear this , how proud I am for you having such strength and not accepting any deal and to fight for your innocence. Everything that happened to him was wrong. I'm so glad he stuck to being true to himself & not accepting any deal. I truly hope a door will open soon for Mr. Browder that will allow him to go on with his life & put all of this behind him. The prosecution knew from day one that they didn’t have any witness and he is supposed to be set free . The supposed victim had said he was robbed that day then changed his story to being robbed a week earlier, Bullshit!. The prosecution knew that the supposed victim could not be found long before they finally let him go, they only released the information after they knew they had no chance of conviction. Prosecutors didn't care about innocence or guilt only a conviction. The only crime committed here was the thief of this young mans pride and future. True justice would be the state to give him anything and everything possible to restore what they have stolen from him so that he can become what he was to be before they stole
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