Argumentative Essay: Should Sharks Be Protected?

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The Great White, up to 21 feet long with razor teeth may seem like a monster but there is much that society does not know. Sharks need to be protected because of the benefits they give humans. Also by tracking sharks is one way researchers can find a way to understand sharaks more. Sharks are aquatic creatures and very important to the living with lots of information humans may not understand. To start off, femeles give birth to 7-9 sharks per litter that are 3-4 feet at birth. Next humans believe all sharks are monsters but out of 400 species only 4 sharks have been claimed to attack on humans. Lastly sharks attack for 2 main reasons one reason is for defense and predation. They attack in defense when humans are in or around their territory they attack in predation mistaking people for seals. In conclusion sharks are creatures that humans are still learning about and try to understand them better.…show more content…
To start off, Mary Lee was tagged at Cape Cod on September 17, 2012 named after Chris Fischer’s mother. Next Mary Lee travels along the East Coast spending time along South Carolina keeping a close scrutiny on her. Lastly Mary Lee last pinned November 21, 2016 09:56am in Georgia. Over all Ocearch helps humans discover new information on sharks. Sharks are important to our ecosystem and humans needs to protect sharks. The number of sharks have declined by 80% and the main reason is humans. Secondly sharks are important to our ecosystem to keep things balanced. Another reason sharks should be protected is because sharks can be used at a drug to treat human viruses. In conclusion this is why humans should stop the killing and start
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