Argumentative Essay: Should Testing Be Reduced?

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Should testing be reduced?

Has too much testing made America's economy terrible. 2.3% is the time spent in America on testing which too much.Obama himself has said that 2.3% should be reduced to 2%.America should reduce the amount spent on testing. Has to much testing worsen america for good. Could it be from the crazy amount of time spent on the testing or the tests itself that are overlapping. It could also be from how much time is spent on testing, however it could be on how the tests overlap, and or how the tests don’t account for poverty of a student. Based on how …show more content…

Carvalho a superidentied at the 4th largest school district in the country cutted his students tests from 300 to 100. Carvalho and many other states have started doing this to reduce the amount of testing …show more content…

The more the schools or states keep adding more tests doesn't mean that all the students scores will be better. Secondly a way to reduce the testing could be to reduce the overlapping tests. Carvalho a superintendent at the 4th largest school district in the country has also reduced his students from 300 to 10 tests because of how much they overlapped each other. Some schools have started doing this to reduce the amount of overlapping tests they have.The U.S. takes 9 big tests a year but some states have better scores than the U.S. with fewer tests. If other countries can do better with fewer tests, so could the U.S. if we got the better quality tests and get rid of the overlapping ones. If America got rid of their overlapping tests they could make America's economy great again. Another way to may the economy of America better again would be to close the education gap. Based on NCLB the wealthyness of a person could explain their test results. The tests could not account for the poverty that the students may have. For example if a child were not to have a bed to sleep in that day they would be less concern about the test and more about where to sleep. The poverty of a student is not accounted for from the tests and that can decide the students

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