Argumentative Essay: Should The Police Really Need A Refugee?

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Look at it from their perspective, imagine being homeless, having all your belongings destroyed, possibly your family fatally injured? Why should they be punished for simply wanting to create a life for themselves? We expect the government to help us to an extent so what makes them any different? To an extreme it’s discrimination and although they may throw a few rocks it’s only to protect themselves and stall the police from wrecking everything they own, but what makes the police any better? Throwing gas bombs into the refugees temporary homes and destructing them? It's honestly crazy! The first reason I believe this is because they are just trying to build healthy lives for themselves, they’re just aiming to forget about their past and back where they are from, they don’t mean any harm to anyone they just need shelter.…show more content…
Finally, I want to make it clear that there are too many unaccompanied children that could be in danger from the destruction and bombs they could be badly hurt or killed over something that could just be a long, civil and debatable conversation. Overall I completely disagree with the police’s decision to evict the refugees and demolish their property, all they have done is attempt to escape the dreadful past they suffered and/ or experienced. I think that it is totally and utterly disgusting and poor how they are handling the situation and treating them. After reading this I hope it makes you appreciate what you have whilst you still do. Think before you
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