Argumentative Essay : Shy, Timid Essay

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Shy. Timid. Unsure. Anyone who knew me in high school would describe me using one of those words. At fifteen years old, I lacked confidence in myself; therefore, I stayed invisible. However, when I wrote, my poetry did not show shyness, timidity, or uncertainty. As a hobby, I regularly wrote. I wrote in a journal. I wrote in notebooks. I wrote in margins of my school notebooks. Who was my audience? Why, me, of course! Only me. Too shy. Too timid. Definitely too unsure. I never, ever shared my poetry with anyone. I do not know why. Perhaps I never had the opportunity. Perhaps I feared rejection and humiliation. But one fact I know: someone reading and judging my work would embarrass me. I convinced myself that my writing was not good, and no one would be interested. Then one day, when my tenth grade English teacher, Mrs. Guido, assigned our weekly vocabulary assignment, define ten words and use them in a sentence, I took a chance. I penned a poem using the vocabulary words. I struggled to fit the words into my poem rhythmically. I hoped to impress my teacher with my poetic voice. I trusted her for feedback. Mrs. Guido always assigned the vocabulary lesson on Monday, and we handed our sentences in on Friday. In four days, I created a masterpiece. My poem, entitled “Noblesse Oblige, Non?,” told a story of the president of the United States, Richard Nixon, based on my reading of Time. Noblesse Oblige, the inferred responsibility of privileged people to

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