Argumentative Essay : Sit On Kids With Autism

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Argumentative Essay: SIT in kids with Autism 1 in 68 children suffer from autism according to This disease targets children’s brains and makes them have trouble with communicating and forming relationships with people for the rest of their lives. It’s a terrible disease but can be treated through therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy to be exact. Sensory Integration Therapy opens the doors to new lives for children who suffer from autism because Sensory Integration Therapy is designed to target physical sensory and cognitive disorders in an act of play time according to SIT exposes children to sensory stimulation in a structured repetitive manner according to Within this therapy it has helped millions of children that suffer from autism but most experts don’t practice it or think it’s a waste of time. Not all experts think sensory integration works with learning and attention issues in kids, they think there’s more effective ways in improving sensory issues, and they think SIT is limited and inconclusive according to The experts who do practice it though, see that it does improve learning and attention issues in kids, this is the most effective way, and that it is not limited or inconclusive. SIT isn’t just playtime, it improves learning and attention issues, its effective, and it’s not inconclusive. SIT has been a big controversial topic in the world of Occupational Therapy. Most experts

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