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Socialising On The Internet

Using the internet to socialise is an increasingly popular activity. Some of the most popular websites for this are Facebook, twitter, bebo, msn and many others. Social networking is when you speak to other people through the internet. Facebook is by far the most popular with over 500 million users and 250 million of them logging in everyday. Twitter is not far behind Facebook with over 177 million users. With social network sites you can keep in touch everyday and you can share your photos and news with hundreds of people. There are many advantages and disadvantages of socialising on the internet.

One reason why people use the internet to socialise is because it’s easy to meet people from all over the
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Strangers stealing your identity can give them access to private documents such as credit cards or bank details. Revealing your name and date of birth through these sites as well as pet names or nicknames is a gift to fraudsters as often people use nicknames or pentanes as passwords for private information. Online banking fraud has increased by 44%. It is estimated that identity fraud costs the UK £1.7 billion a year and is the fastest growing crime.

In conclusion, I think the internet is a great way to socialise with people from all over the world and communicate with lost family members and old friends but I think people should be a lot more careful when speaking to strangers. You should not give out any bank details or personal information through these sites and should be more aware of frauds and paedophiles. Although the internet is a great way to play games and meet new people, people need to be aware of the many dangers that social networking
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