Argumentative Essay: The Adoption Of Gay Rights

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“ One thing the gay rights movement taught the world is importances of being visible.” It’s a study fact that gay citizens have less right than other people. NFL players have a risk of losing their spot if they come out as to being gay. “It appears that even rumours of homosexuality can affect a player’s career.”( There really isn’t much of a difference between a gay human and a straight human, they both have a heart that’s beating, they both have a life to live. The only difference is they have a different love life. Going to a middle school i’ve learned that it is very hard to accept others and their choices. I have heard people saying if they vote gay marriage to be illegal again they would vote for it, they can do what they want to do for themselves but think about how many engaged couples would react and have to cancel their wedding. This is the same for the LGBTQ community, you can disagree but that doesn’t give you the right to discriminate others for their own choices. Gay people should have the same amount of rights as the straights because we are all citizens and human, our sexuality doesn’t change our heart. Gay couples have to be very responsible with different things such as adopting, weddings, and money issues. Even being a gay parent can influence the child’s future and social life. If a school had a bring your dad to the dance day…show more content…,custuid&custid=s8455861&db=mih&AN=9610187541&site=ehost-live&scope=site.

Haider-Markel, Donald P. "Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights movement." World Book Student, World Book, 2017,
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