Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Football

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Football is considered one of the most highly played sports and by some the most popular sport in America. Football is an intense game of great strength and triumph and most can agree that it is a great way for their children to make friends, build character, and for a select few make a career out of it. It can be agreed that these are all true and that football is a highly engaging event to watch. This is not an essay to say that football is an outrageously dangerous sport that should be banned at all levels of playing. Although, it is an outrageously dangerous sport, there needs to be a new way to coach these football players so they can play in a way that does not endanger one’s life. However, with any sport comes the risks of possible injury.…show more content…
Besides the trophies, wins, crowds cheering your team on a select few players get to make a career out of the game they love. Many coaches have said throughout the decades that playing football allows kids and adults to get out of their comfort zone and learn how to work with others all while building character. Indeed, this is very true and from personal experience I can concur that playing in a sport has all of these beneficial aspects to it. However, I never feared for my life or severe injury unlike some football players do. For example, Young football star Chucky Mullins was just one out of the group of players who get paralyzed while playing football. The opposing player who made the tackle on Mullins said this about Mullins, “In an instant, he goes from being a world-class athlete in the best conference in America, and now he's lying on his back, and he'll never move again. He will not be able to brush his teeth. He will not be able to wash his hair. He will never be able to feed himself. And I just felt like I was the cause of that (Mcevers Et. all). There is no trophy or award great enough that will ever be able to give this young man back his body. There is also a slim chance that Gaines will ever forget or forgive himself for the wrongly done hit he made that night. Gaines, the opposing player who made the tackle said he never knew there was this certain side…show more content…
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