Argumentative Essay: The Journey To Edessa

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The journey to Edessa is far and long. Yet, we must not fall short of our objective goals. The Second Crusade is launched to reclaim our fallen territories, to triumph against Nur ad-Din’s Jihad, and to broaden Christianity. Only a few figures can take on the challenge of leading the crusade to victory. As the secular monarch of Germany and the next crowned Holy Roman Emperor, I hone the best qualifications as a leader and I am a more than just a powerful candidate at the War Council of Acre. In the name of the Lord, I believe that it is my duty as a fellow Christian to protect the Holy Lands and in the honor of my fellow alliances, I will like to collaborate alongside Master Robert, the leader of the Knights Templar, and Patriarch Fulcher,…show more content…
Further Council members also question my behavior from the first debate. Although I did argue against launching the crusade in the first place, I didn’t realize the vast size of our armed forces. During my stay in Constantinople, I received a large sum of money and military equipment from Manuel I, the Byzantine Emperor. I also already recruited another army from the pilgrims I encountered in the Holy Land (Role). From having the best of my remaining German troops, the key to unlocking the Byzantine power, and the troops provided by each faction, I am confident in my abilities to lead the right decisions for…show more content…
As a secular leader with religious motives, I will like to commend Master Robert for having similar strengths as myself; we both share military experience and religious motivation. However, Master Robert is the man who is most familiar with the Levant and with eastern Europe. Every since birth, he has been on the forefront of looking for secret locations, for unknown terrains, and for unexpected weather patterns. The Knights Templars are also an extraordinary military force. The army is religiously motivated and will “repel the foes of the cross of Christ with a stalwart heart” (167). With Master Robert’s mastery of the territorial land, Patriarch Fulcher’s religious backings, and my military experience, our combined alliance is flawless. We all have the spiritual authority to fight a just war, the soldiers who will fight until the very end, and the leadership that will carry this crusade to victory. “On a final note, I ask that we should all pray, and have your brothers also pray, that God should indeed design to make our journey a success (130).” May Lord give us His
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