Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Organ Donation

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Organ donation is a very controversial issue in many aspects. A simple solution to many of these problem is legalizing the selling of organs and allowed for it to be an open market. This could make a change on how many people receive organs since there will be more availability. Selling organ donation will help both parties the recipient and the donors family. Getting paid for donations will be an incentive for people and it can be used as a persuasive method to convince people to become organ donors. Organ donation has not significantly improved throughout the years, “in 2005 around 7,000 people donated their organs, around 5,000 people donated in 1995 that is only a 30% increase in 10 years. In 2005, 21,000 people were helped out of 44,000…show more content…
This will facilitate many with the opportunity to receive an organ. It will minimize the black market and the problems that come with it. I believe getting compensated for it will at least give a better outlook to that comes with donating or losing a loved one. Many jobs provide bereavement pay, but 2 weeks are not sufficient to go on with your life after someone dies. I am currently not an organ donor, but I would change my mind if I knew my family would receive money for my organs. Families normally oppose on decision of becoming an organ donor. Getting paid for the organs will facilitate their acceptance of my decision. I believe it does not have to necessarily be monetary and I need a check in order to donate an organ. I believe Donors should receive a type of incentive or reward for their generous donation. A tax credit, or guaranteeing an organ donation if my family ever needs one. Buying an organ is no different than buying a prescription. The prescription is metaphorically the protocol to being able to buy an organ. A doctor needs to make sure a person has all the requirements to receive an organ, not just because they have money.
We are in the best time to allow selling of organ donation. Reality is the waiting lines are getting longer and less people are donating. Actions is needed for something to be done in order to have more donors and improve the quality of life of those in desperate need of an organ. Adequate guidelines have to be in place in order to prevent anyone from getting exploited, that everyone is helped regardless of income (Cherry
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