Argumentative Essay: The Problem Of Childhood Obesity

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In today’s world of cheap, tasty, and convenient fast food, it’s all too easy to live off of packaged or restaurant foods. It’s even easier to slip into this habit with kids in the back seat whining for French fries. And who wants to exercise instead of watching television? However, the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet are devastating, especially during childhood. In fact, many Americans do not realize how serious the problem of youth obesity has actually become. According to the Center for Disease Control, “In 2012, more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese” (Childhood Obesity Facts). By the time they reach adulthood, this number soars even higher. Excessive weight opens the door to lifelong physical…show more content…
Due to a variety of factors – from increased time in school to long hours of watching TV – many young people spend little time exercising. In addition, as budget cuts force schools to drop programs, PE is all too often the first to go. Although the recommended amount of exercise for children is reasonably small – under 30 minutes a day – most schools provide virtually no opportunity for physical activity. Providing even a short “exercise break” could help kids get in shape; according to Science Daily, “Research results show that 30 minutes of exercise hard enough to produce a sweat is enough to turn the tide on an unhealthy body mass index” (University of Copenhagen). Raising the physical education requirements in America schools gives kids an opportunity to exercise without having to set aside extra time in their day. Just as academic subjects like math, science, and reading are core components of education, so also can physical fitness be taught through PE programs. Raising healthy kids is certainly a primary goal of the school system, and requiring even a scant 30 minutes a day of physical activity in schools could be the key to cracking the problem of childhood…show more content…
With one in three children and adolescents overweight, it is not an issue that can be ignored any longer. Excessive weight is well known to lead to a plethora of health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and chronic joint problems. In fact, many common health problems in America are directly or indirectly traced back to weight issues. Since most overweight children grow up to be overweight or obese adults, it is essential to stop the trend during childhood and instill habits in our youths that will help them grow into healthy adults. By educating parents on nutrition and reintroducing physical education into the school system, the problem of childhood obesity can be brought to a
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