Argumentative Essay: The Right To Die

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The Right to Die Death befalls everyone eventually, but should when it happens be up to each individual person. This is a topic that has become more and more relevant in recent years. Should someone who is greatly suffering mentally or physically have the legal right to choose when they die? The debate surrounding the legality allowing a person to die ranges from all out allowing it to thinking it is never a good idea.
Some say that giving people the right to die should be regulated by the government with strict enforcement. Dara Mohammadi brings up just this issue is regards to Belgium’s laws which state,
The law states that a patient can receive euthanasia if they suffer unbearably from an untreatable physical or psychological medical disorder. To be granted, the patient's request should be explicit and repeated. Furthermore, the patient must be of sound mind, at least one other independent physician must have been consulted, and all alternative treatment options must have been offered.
Mohammadi shows through this that in order to be considered for the ability to choose death every other possible option has to be taken into account. The laws set in place by a government are to be used to judge if someone really is in need. They need to also be
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We have powerful analgesics and pain management techniques to relieve nearly all pain. While suffering can be due to pain, it is more often associated with the emotional, psychological, and even spiritual aspects of the human condition. Sufferers often report feeling fragmented, unraveled, or violated by their experience. One's integrity as a person is sometimes assaulted by suffering. Having said that, it is important to know that suffering is also treatable-once it is properly diagnosed. So, assisted suicide is not the only way to end a patient's suffering. Since this is true, relieving the patient of his or her life seems at best a suspicious way to end suffering and a nefarious means at
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