Argumentative Essay: The Use Of Child Soldiers

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Starting off with the term “child soldiers”, it already seems as if this a bad thing for children. To give a brief explanation about child soldiers they are mainly children both boys and girls who under the age of 18 and are used for any military purpose. Child soldiers went in war and are told to fight as well as kill. Some countries may not have many people to put forth and army so they would need to have children involved. There are also some children out there who volunteer to join on their own because there are times when they separated from their family. “Child soldiers are right in the middle of a contradiction inherent in the modern construction of youth: innocents versus perpetrators. They are simultaneously feared and cast as innocents …show more content…

The use of child soldiers is mainly for war, and looking back in time there has never really been a time where wars weren’t there. If we look at some countries other than the U.S, some countries may not have a lot of people for their army so they would need get as much people as possible even if that means they need to have children involved. Children as we see in cases help in the war for countries like Sierra Leone. Children that are involved in the war in a way are helping even if it is just cooking or carrying those fighting in the war. Putting less strain on those actually fighting in the war to a certain extent, but even with the help some of the kids are out there in the war fighting and killing others. It’s not like I am for having children be part of the war because they are benefitting their own country, it is just that there can’t really be much done unless there is some organization to stop these countries from having the children enter war. Or the best way that would work which is very unlikely is to end war overall. War is the reason why some countries need children to help put, but until wars between countries end I don’t believe child soldiers will end anytime

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