Argumentative Essay : What The Media Isn 't Telling Us

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Emily Brown Ms. Taylor 28 October 2017 Argumentative Essay To See or Not to See: What the Media Isn 't Telling Us In the case of most foreign affairs, we only know what the media tells us. Most of the general American public will never witness first-hand the wars we fight abroad or the consequences of those wars. Instead, they must rely on a select few primary reporters, most of whom are employed by mainstream media providers, to inform them of the happenings all around the world. However, since such an intimate group is responsible for the information that we receive, things like personal biases are likely to find its way into the relayed information. Although most reporters attempt to be objective viewers, personal subjective…show more content…
(Kamalipour & Snow). Preventing the general public from understanding war in its totality can have major consequences. Unavoidably, during war, horrible things can occur: guilty people die, as well as the innocent; homes and workplaces can be destroyed; people are displaced and fear-stricken. If all of these facts could be avoided by simply using the media for its intended purpose, informing the public, then there should be a greater push to prevent misinformation from being relayed. Ironically, this has been the opposite of what the governments push for Because of the great amount of photography captured and released during the Vietnam War (DeGhett), we are able to see exactly the impact that uncensored media coverage can have on the outcome of the war. The sheer amount of unediting of materials was seen by some as a journalistic ideal, while for others it was as governmental obstruction to commanding the war. Regardless of the view held, war photography potentially offers a glimpse into life-threatening situations and events. Caroline Brothers in her book writes: In war photography … responses are magnified. Danger hovers at the edges of all such images; the passions they record are always the

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