Argumentative Essay: Why Children To Join The Military

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Throughout this paper you will realize the extremes that children go through as a child soldier. You will learn how militaries and armed groups gain so many children to help battle. MAny children are recruited and trained through school systems, some is bribing, voluntarily to get revenge or other reason and finally by force or kidnapping is a main reason children end up being involved in war. To some, it is surprising that minors join voluntarily and give their service. This paper gives more of an incite on why an adolescent would want to join the military by choice. These children put their lives at risk daily and all they know is violence. Some child soldiers can be as young as the age of six. Combating in war is just one part, even before…show more content…
These children never really get the chance to have a childhood, go to school, or spend time with their families, they are introduced into adulthood and can’t get out. Some are able to get out due to the help of different organizations worldwide but many do not that opportunity. Those who are lucky to get out, explain the dangers they experience and wish that they had never been involved. The advancement in technology and guns have greatly influenced the use of children at war. Many believe that technology makes everyday life easier, referring to phones and computers but across the world it is having a negative effect on children. It just gives armed groups more reasoning to recruit young children because they can now carry and successfully use rifles and AK’s the most deadliest weapons there are. Organizations are trying to make this aware to people worldwide and make it stop but from the look of it, children at war will continue for a while.

Children At War
Children being part of military organizations and becoming trained to be soldiers are likely to be found all over the world. Children being involved with military establishments have been common for hundreds of years. In the recent years there has been a dramatic increase of
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Colonialism relates to children at war significantly. “It can be shown that certain aspects of warfare, for example technology, has developed through history, but according to Rosen there is no empirical justification for making a distinct division between “old” and “new” wars at the end of colonialism”() There has been many advances throughout hundreds of years due to technology and resources but in the end war is still the same today as it always has been. The countries that use children as soldiers, use them to conquer other places or territories and take over. With the combination of adults and children, the armed group expands greatly and increases the force against others. ”Children never were an integral, essential part of military forces through history” and that children in war was a “rarity” until recently” (Singer) For centuries children have been common with participating in the battlefield, but the danger of their jobs have increased dramatically. With the weaponry that the children tote around and use gives them the ability to stand front line and battle at war. In the 1700’s and 1800’s groups that battled, “Fought by the rules, at best constitute exceptions in this history warfare.” There were restrictions and guidelines that militaries abided by, they had a goal to accomplish and had reasoning behind war and conquering others.. The difference between the
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