Argumentative Essay : Why Everyone Should Vote?

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Argumentative Research Paper: Why Everyone Should Vote?
Voting is a vital portion of conducting everyday life. Americans have more freedom than many other people in countries around the globe; therefore, it is pertinent to express that freedom in many ways. Up until 1965 when the Voting Rights Act was signed into law, many people of color, gender, and all other classifications in the United States fell under one umbrella: not having the ability to vote. ( As far as Americans having the ability to vote, 218,959,000 people have the eligibility to vote as of August 16th, 2015. Out of that significantly large number, 146,311,000 are actually registered to vote. ( This large gap in people with the eligibility to vote, and actual registered voters, is very alarming. As an American, it is the right and duty of a citizen to exercise all attainted rights by voting in all elections, even if the favored party seems to lose to no avail. (
Having the ability to vote gives a person the right to have a say in their government. High gas prices, high taxes, and many other problems that Americans face; can be avoided by electing certain leaders in political office. Every vote cast on a ballot counts, and also makes a difference in the election. In United States history, there have been significant events that have occurred in which one vote could have changed history. In the Presidential Election of 1960, one vote would have made Richard
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