Argumentative Essay: Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

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The idea of marijuana as a medicinal has been a very controversial topic but the reality of it the benefits greatly out way the risked if used responsibly by the right people and should be legal to help these people. Currently cannabis is being use in some states in the U.S. as a cheaper and possibly more effective method of treatment compare to off the shelf pharmaceuticals. Many professors would agree with such a statement such as Lester Grinspoon, MD, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School when he wrote an article published in the Boston Globe: "Doctors and nurses have seen that for many patients, cannabis is more useful, less toxic, and less expensive than the conventional medicines prescribed for diverse syndromes…show more content…
organized crime even more so cannot be stop and feels no risk because of the profit the can be made from selling marijuana illegally, if legal the common market value would go down lessening or even losing money for those that work in organized crime. It is estimated that cartels produce about one fifth of their profits from the sale of marijuana, in this world money is power and every dollar lost hurts organized crime and decreases their power over areas and people. If legal people will buy where it is safe and cheap rather than where it is expensive and full of dangers, the eradication of organized crime is very important to the safety of those that it effect and legal medicinal marijuana would strike a strong blow to the people who exploited the…show more content…
It has also been said the ways that legalized medical cannabis will help that economy bustle and flourish the money that will be saved by not having criminals to stop or bust and the time that the cops and justice system can save. The billions of dollars that can be earned with the legal sale of cannabis and the many, many jobs that will be made. All of the good men and women that are in jail sponging up tax dollars could have a chance at release and money could again be saved and put back into the system to help everywhere. The power and weight that illegal marijuana sales have with organized crime, the crushing and shrinking that could happen were they to lose such a source of revenue, and in turn the possible lessening of harder drug sales and the power of the cartel and other groups of organized crime becoming less and less. It has also been said that medical cannabis is not perfect and that many may abuse it but only the people can control themselves in the end, the fact that not every aspect of how cannabis affects us has been determined and that just like there may be things we do not know about marijuana and how it helps us there may be hidden dangers as well, but we must all make
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