Argumentative Essay: Why Should Juveniles Be Crimes?

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Figuratively, if a five-year-old had committed a crime, the jury would let it slide with a warning just because the innocence of a five-year-old brain knows no better; but, if a fifteen-year-old committed the same crime, they would be sentenced to life in prison without a chance to be let out. They are both kids, but just because the fifteen-year-old is older, we expect them to be more mature than the five-year-old and pass them through the adult system. Truth is, their brain is still growing and maturing. Therefore, juveniles who committed crimes, shouldn’t be sentenced to life in prison. Juveniles that have been passed through the adult system didn’t know better or what they were doing when they committed a crime. Young teens brains are far from adults, and their brain doesn’t stop developing until their late…show more content…
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Marjie Lundstrom states, “ ...the group we routinely write off as “only kids.” It’s why they can’t smoke, or drink, or go to R movies without our OK. It’s why they don’t vote. It’s why they have curfews. It’s why we fret over their internet access and fuss about driving want to throw the adult book at kids? Fine, lower the voting age to fourteen.” Teenagers aren’t responsible and mature enough to be able to do what adults do; that’s why privileges that adults have aren’t given to the juveniles until they reached the mature aged. If they don’t have the same privileges as adults, why treat them as such and put them through the adult system? In “Kids Are Kids - Until They Commit Crimes” studies had proven that adolescents that been through the adult system are prone to come out as violent criminals than similar kids handled on the juvenile
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