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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Taught more than thirty decades ago, cursive writing has a famed and legendary past. It was once a vital element of American education but is now becoming an archaic artefact as technology advancement and the requirement of more regulated tests push it out of the education system. Cursive writing should be scrapped out of the education system for there is no need of wasting time and resources to continue teaching a skill that won’t be beneficial to the students in the near future. For many students in America, cursive writing is as foreign as the hieroglyphics of the ancient Egypt. In most colleges and universities, more students are increasingly using tablet computers…show more content…
As pointed out by Penny Joy a curriculum coordinator of Plymouth Canton Community Schools, she quotes that “ normally she receives a lot more calls daily with parents asking her why her school continues to teach cursive than calls requiring that more time be devoted to teaching cursive writing”. She continues to say that “she sees no reason to continue teaching cursive in her school since they don’t have time for it”. They would rather allocate that time and resources to other industrious subjects and projects. “Handwriting is already suffering a major blowback” says Joanne Jacobson who is a curriculum director of Fraser Public Schools. Cursive may be legible for kids who are below third grade but by the time they reach fifth grade they all have developed their own style of handwriting. With or without learning cursive writing, a child’s handwriting develops for better over the years. One of the excusable reasons given for continued teaching of cursive is speed. Quite honestly, most students’ nowadays don’t use pen and paper for taking notes. Apart from a section of SAT exams, almost all the other papers like term papers, assignments and research papers are presented electronically for marking. Who still presents their assignments in form of handwritten notes? Who still has to worry about speed with all the dynamics of technology such as taking notes on tablets and laptops?

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